Trending in 2021: Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been on the popularity rise for the last several years. It has not only survived the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, it has thrived right through it. Facial plastic surgery looks to be trending in 2021 as well. But those trends might look a little different this year than they have in the past.

Why? Dr. Jon Chadwell of Chadwell Facial Plastics weighs in:

I think there are a couple primary drivers of this. The first one is that people are constantly seeing themselves on Zoom meetings, sometimes looking at a close-up of their face for hours at a time. This has allowed them to identify parts of their appearance that they would like to have improved. The other driver is the fact that people have more time on their hands to have a little bit of recovery from injections or surgery. Work schedules are more flexible, people are working from home, etc.

Whether it is a need or a preference or a combination, facial plastic surgery is an excellent choice for enhancing your life in 2021!

Here are the top 5 facial plastic surgery trends we expect to see in 2021:


Lip Augmentation

Men and women of all ages have been seeking out Dr. Chadwell for Lip Augmentation. We may have Zoom to thank for this, but it seems naturally shaped lips with just a bit more fullness is trending in 2021.

If your lips need a little more volume, or you’d like some reduction in those pesky wrinkles around your lips, or both, Restylane Silk is a quick and effective lip enhancement treatment that will rejuvenate your lips.


BOTOX® Cosmetic & Dysport®

Another trend that we expect to see continue right through 2021 is injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic & Dysport®. This simple procedure is incredibly effective against wrinkles. If 2020 added a few worry lines to your forehead or the plethora of Zoom meetings under less-than-ideal lighting has made you keenly aware of those aging lines, this could be just the right procedure for you.

Through just a few tiny injections, the BOTOX and Dysport relax the muscles around the injection sites, allowing the skin to smooth out. There is no required downtime. And while the results are temporary, they can last for 3 to 6 months.



Along the same lines as BOTOX, Sculptra deals with aging facial features. But with Sculptra, the injections stimulate the production of new collagen. Why is collagen so important for a young-looking face? Low collagen production is one of the underlying causes of an aging face, while healthy collagen production can restore facial volume.

Instead of seeing sagging and hollowing cheeks in the computer screen, Sculptra could restore youthfulness to your appearance, making this an obvious trend of 2021.


Eyelid Correction

When we aren’t in front of a screen these days, we usually have half of our faces covered. So the trend of eyelid correction is not the least bit surprising. Whether it’s droopy eyelids or bags under your eyes, Blepharoplasty can bring life back to your eyes.

For some, drooping eyelids impair vision which may be more prominent with a mask potentially impairing vision from below. Whatever the situation, eyelid surgery could be an excellent option for you and already is trending in 2021.

Mini Facelifts

Dr. Chadwell is also seeing an upward trend in Mini Facelifts. Mini Facelifts target the lower half of the face and the neck, focusing on loosened skin that contribute to the appearance of aging. When it’s time to put the Covid-19 face mask away for good, you’re going to want to be ready with your beautifully young face. Meanwhile, 2021 may still see many continuing to work from home, allowing for the little bit of extra recovery time that a Mini Facelift requires.

Whether it’s trending in 2021 or not, if you are looking for facial plastic surgery, Dr. Chadwell has the skills, knowledge, and compassion necessary for a wonderful experience. Contact Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery today to enhance your life in 2021!