‘Tis the Season for Plastic Surgery

It’s winter, which means it’s the season for plastic surgery!

Christmas has passed us by and the long winter months loom ahead of us. Why not take advantage of the cold, uneventful season and finally schedule the plastic surgery you’ve been wanting?

The winter months are an excellent time to have some work done. And not only to give you something to do to fill in the monotonous time (although that is a legitimate excuse!). We have plenty of reasons for calling winter the season for plastic surgery.

‘Tis the Season for Plastic Surgery

Here are some cool reasons to consider plastic surgery in the winter:

1. Less sun exposure.

In our neck of the woods (namely, northern Indiana), we don’t see a whole lot of sun during the winter. This is a good thing when it comes to plastic surgery for two reasons. Firstly, surgery often results in some swelling. Heat exacerbates this. But we’ll discuss that more in our next point. Secondly, sun exposure can darken the scar lines which works against our efforts of a flawless outcome. By getting surgery done in the winter, you make it much easier on yourself to avoid sun exposure.

2. Cooler temps.

As mentioned, heat and swelling don’t make good companions. The cooler temperatures of the winter can help reduce the swelling that is a natural part of any surgery. And with reduced swelling, healing may occur more quickly. Here in South Bend, we can depend on cold weather all winter long which makes it the perfect time for surgery.

3. More vacation time.

Winter is a popular time to use up some leftover vacation time. And there is often built in time off with the holidays. Take advantage of the little extra time to have the surgery done. If any down time is required post surgery, you won’t have to miss out on work.

4. Bulkier clothes.

Obviously, in the winter we wear more and bulkier clothing. The benefit of this as it relates to plastic surgery is the ability to cover and protect scars while you’re out and about. Winter also allows you to wear looser clothing more easily which is important when dealing with swelling. And, again, more clothes means less exposure to the sun.

5. Prep for summertime.

Maybe the best reason of all to have plastic surgery in the winter is to have it out of the way and be enjoying the beautiful results before summer rolls around. Then, when it’s time to shed the bulky clothing and bask in the warm sunshine (protected by sunscreen, of course), you’ll have your youthful face, tightened chin, contoured body healed and ready to show off.

Plastic Surgery in South Bend

If you’re ready to take your first step toward plastic surgery, contact Dr. Jon Chadwell, the best plastic surgeon in town. Dr. Chadwell will listen and consult with you about the best options for your needs. He will then use his skills and experience to perform and deliver the best results possible for you.

Winter is the season for plastic surgery! Don’t let another winter pass you by. Schedule an appointment today.