How to Bring Life Back Into Your Lips

Looking to bring life back into your lips? Have your lips begun to thin or wrinkle? Do they lack the naturally vibrant color they once had?

Dr. Chadwell at Chadwell Facial Plastics has exactly what you need!


The Problem of Aging Lips

Time is not a friend to your lips. As it passes, time leaves its mark on your lips in some unpleasant ways. The natural blush color begins to fade. Your lips thin out and even begin to wrinkle. Next thing you know, your lipstick only emphasizes the deep lines and you’re ready to just accept the damage time has done to your lips.

Meanwhile, genetics can play a role in how thin or winkled your lips become, joining forces with the passage of time to age your lips. If you are a smoker, you are also contributing to your lips’ slow and sad decline. Is there anything that can be done to bring life back into your lips?


Bring Life Back Into Your Lips With Kysse!

Dr. Chadwell has excellent news for you!

You can bring life back into your lips with a new, innovatives injection. It’s called Restylane Kysse. In a matter of minutes, Dr. Chadwell can inject this new and highly rated injectable into your tired and thinning lips and bring life right back into them.


What Makes Restylane Kysse Great

Kysse (pronounced “kiss”) is famous for its natural look and feel. You aren’t making any dramatic changes to your natural look. With this injectable, you are giving your lips back the life they once had plus a little bonus color and fullness. With Kysse, your smile will be smooth and your kisses soft.

That’s not all that makes Restylane Kysse lip filler amazing. With only one session, your results can last from six months to an entire year! You’re stopping the clock in its tracks with Kysse.

Additionally, Kysse lip filler does not require downtime. Minor swelling and dryness may occur in the first couple of days, but your regular life can resume immediately. The full results of Restylane Kysse will wow you within 8 weeks of the injection.


How Restylane Kysse Works

If you’ve ever had lip filler before, you may have found it difficult to get used to. Restylane Kysse is the first of its kind to add fullness and smoothness to your lips while still allowing for a full and natural range of expressions. The magic is Restylane’s XpresHAn Technology™. It changes the way hyaluronic acid (which is a substance already found in your skin) binds within your lips, allowing for it to better integrate than other injectables and leaving you with smoother, more flexible lips.

The injection process and simple and quick. Dr. Chadwell will use a numbing cream to minimize any pain. Within minutes, the process will be complete and you’ll have many months of life-filled lips to look forward to!


Where to Go for Restylane Kysse

If you love your lips enough to bring life back into them, make sure to visit the best plastic surgeon around! While the process is rather quick, getting lip fillers requires expertise for both success and safety. Dr. Chadwell has an abundance of expertise. Contact Chadwell Facial Plastics today and bring your lips back to life!