Patient Story: Freedom from Feeling Self Conscious

Is there something about your appearance that has bothered you your entire life? Have you ever felt self conscious or even been bullied for an aspect of your face that you felt you could do nothing about? Do you struggle to look yourself in the mirror without the immediate sense of frustration and discouragement?

That was Sharon’s story until someone graciously recommended Dr. Chadwell.

Sharon’s Story of Freedom

At 70 years young, Sharon has spent her life feeling self conscious because of the shape of her neck. “I had a turkey neck all my life. My brother always said I was ugly which made matters even worse.”

Her husband and friends had been encouraging to her, always assuring her that she was beautiful. But Sharon continued with the lifelong struggle of feeling self conscious. She would avoid pulling her hair back–a habit that her hairdresser noticed. That same hairdresser shared about another client’s fantastic experience with Dr. Chadwell. Sharon called Dr. Chadwell’s office and began the process of changing her life.

“Dr. Chadwell explained everything that he was going to do and answered all my questions in a manner that I understood,” she said of her interactions with Dr. Chadwell. “He was so thoughtful and caring that I just knew I was in good hands.”

The day of her neck and face lift, Sharon was greeted by Stephany at reception. “She is outstanding at her job. She is very personable, polite, and just a joy. She makes you feel very comfortable.”

Sharon shares that she didn’t feel any trepidation going into the day of surgery. The warm welcome and encouragement from Stephany, and Dr. Chadwell’s kindness whisked away any of her fear. “The most important thing about Dr. Chadwell is that he doesn’t treat you like a number. He’s kind, thoughtful, and truly cares about his patients.”

Now, Sharon says, “I am a new person. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I love pulling back my hair to see that I have a profile after 70 years… I now like looking in the mirror!”

Sharon has already referred several friends to Dr. Chadwell and says that they have all been equally pleased with his thoughtfulness, patience, and expertise. She has also continued to be a faithful client herself, returning for the occasional botox injections and using the facial care products Dr. Chadwell offers.

She also visits Missy at the SkinCare Spa for peels and facials. “I have had facials before,” Sharon says, “but never like Missy’s. If you want a good, relaxing facial, then you have to go to Missy.”

Sharon spent her life feeling self conscious, even being bullied for her appearance. But after working with Dr. Chadwell?

“It has changed my life. I no longer feel self conscious. I’m so happy.”

Sharon lives in freedom from feeling self conscious.

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