Patient Story: A New Confidence

Have you been struggling with confidence because of your appearance? Do you try to set your hair just right to hide a portion of your face? Are you frustrated that you don’t have a “good side”?

Olivia can relate. This was her life before she found Dr. Chadwell through a Google search. This is her story:

Olivia’s Story of Confidence

Olivia is 19 years old. After spending her life trying to hide her profile that revealed her sunken chin, she had finally had enough. It was time to do something about it. She began scouring the internet where she came across Dr. Chadwell’s name.

Wisely, Olivia sought several reviews of Dr. Chadwell and his office and was pleased with what she saw. She was drawn to the fact that many of the reviews complimented Dr. Chadwell’s personable and friendly manner. After meeting with Dr. Chadwell, she was confident that he was the right choice to perform her chin implant.

“I thought: that’s the place that I want to go.”

A month later, Olivia had a new chin. And her confidence soared.

Olivia said Dr. Chadwell is “someone that I can trust with anything on my face. I knew he was going to do a quality job.”

Before surgery, Olivia said, she would wear high collared shirts to try to hide her slanted chin. Her hair was always styled on the side to cover her profile. She was constantly concerned about which angle people were seeing her from. Now she’s confident that there isn’t a bad angle with her chin implant.

“Now I’m not worried about who’s on what side of me because I know that I have a side profile now.”

“It was an easy recovery,” Olivia said. “Just bandaging on my chin… A week later I had my bandages off and I was back at school… Good as new.”

Right away, she was able to get back to her daily activities. She was also able to see the results almost immediately. Every day, Olivia said, she feels more and more confident. People have noticed both her chin and her confidence.

It has been over a year since Olivia met and trusted Dr. Chadwell, and she couldn’t be happier. She describes Dr. Chadwell and his staff as “outstanding.” If she had to do it all over again, she wouldn’t change a thing.

In addition to the chin implant, Olivia opted for a treatment called Lumecca. This intense pulse light treatment reduced the pigmentation on her face and balanced her complexion. She also uses some products from the skin care line that Dr. Chadwell offers. She is very pleased with the condition of her skin, as well.


This Could be Your Story

If you find that you can relate to Olivia’s pre-surgery story, there is hope for you! Contact Dr. Chadwell’s office right away to set up a consult. As Olivia can attest, Dr. Chadwell is personable and ready to help you write a story of confidence.