Meet the Facial Plastic Surgeon You’ve Been Searching For: Dr. Chadwell

Are you looking to have some facial work done? Have you been scouring the world wide web for the ideal facial plastic surgeon to meet your needs? We are so grateful you have been doing your research, because that research has brought you here! We would love to brag on our favorite facial plastic surgeon and the very doctor we believe you’ve been looking for, Dr. Jon Chadwell!

A wise patient will do his or her research before trusting just anyone with one of their most precious assets: their face. Not all cosmetic surgeons are equally qualified or experienced. We encourage you to continue your wise research! Let us help you in the process by sharing below all about Dr. Chadwell:


The Man

Dr. Jon Chadwell and his wife, Jennifer, have been married for 21 years. Jennifer is a civil engineer. They both have found great joy in raising two beautiful daughters, both of which are teenagers now. They’ve been residents of South Bend for nearly 15 years, residing in Cincinnati, Ohio before putting down roots in South Bend.

Dr. Chadwell loves to golf when he has a little free time. He also prioritizes taking care of his body through regular exercise. Basketball and Orangetheory are a couple of his favorite ways to stay in shape. He also enjoys playing tennis with his wife and daughters.

When the classic Northern Indiana winter sets in, Dr. Chadwell whisks his wife off to a Caribbean island where they can relax and recharge. In warmer weather, the Chadwell family will often spend a few days in a small lake town along the shores of Lake Michigan. When the itch for adventure sets in, they head out on a summer vacation in search of adventure together.

The Doctor

How did this family man become the facial plastic surgeon South Bend loves? During his residency, Dr. Chadwell rubbed shoulders with a couple of surgeons who sparked the inspiration to pursue plastic surgery. They helped him to realize what an amazing specialty facial plastic surgery is, and how much it can truly help people.

And that is what Dr. Chadwell finds to be the most fulfilling part of his career: helping people feel better about themselves. He values the social interaction he’s able to have with his patients on a daily basis. He listens to them, learns about their lives, and does everything he can to help them on their journey toward happiness.

“My ultimate goal is their happiness, and if I help them achieve that, then I am happy, too.”

Dr. Chadwell understands that issues related to appearance can be very personal and difficult to discuss. He makes it a priority to put his patients at ease. His goal is not to sell his work, but to educate about the options. He only feels confident in a recommendation when his patient is completely comfortable with that option. With budget in mind, Dr. Chadwell only makes recommendations that are appropriate for each individual patient, even recommending against a procedure he doesn’t believe is ideal for that patient. Ultimately, it’s the happiness of his patients that gives him purpose as a plastic surgeon.

Beyond the great joy of helping others, Dr. Chadwell enjoys the creativity that being a plastic surgeon affords him. Every day presents a new opportunity. Through this creativity, he is constantly able to grow his skills and achieve the best results possible for his patients.

“I am able to look three-dimensionally at a face, design a plan to make an improvement, and then use my skill to execute this plan and achieve the results.”


The Credentials

Dr. Chadwell has extensive education and experience in facial plastic surgery. Below are the specifics of his education, training, and certifications:


Undergraduate: Ohio University, Athens, OH

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH


Internship: The University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, Department of Surgery

Residency: The University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

Fellowship: American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship

Cincinnati, Ohio; Edgewood, Kentucky; Vail, Colorado


American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery


Contact Dr. Chadwell

When you meet with Dr. Chadwell, you are not only consulting with a compassionate, knowledgeable, committed facial plastic surgeon. He is also skilled in a wide range of procedures that are both surgical and non-surgical. He is able to provide the entire breadth of services to address concerns about the appearance of the head, face, and neck. After a procedure, Dr. Chadwell wants you to feel confident about your appearance and pleased with your decision.

Contact the facial plastic surgeon you’ve been searching for–Dr. Chadwell–right away!