Five Fast Facts About Rhinoplasties

Celebrities and public figures are always talking about nose jobs. In fact, many of them have
gone through the procedure themselves. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to undergo a
rhinoplasty. Who “nose,” it just may be right for you! Here are five facts about rhinoplasties that
you may not know.

1. A chilly nose may heal faster.

According to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Neumann,​ winter may be the best time​ to
get a rhinoplasty. Not only is there more room for recovery with your holiday vacation days, but
the cold weather can actually speed up the recovery process. It may not completely reduce the
swelling you’ll experience, but it definitely won’t make it worse. Additionally, when the weather
outside is frightful, you likely won’t get much sun exposure – this is key to recovering after a
rhinoplasty. One thing to note, however, is that colder weather is often drier. Be sure to follow
the recommendations of your plastic surgeon as you recover from your rhinoplasty.

2. Rhinoplasties often do more than meets the eye.

Most likely, the type of rhinoplasty you’re most familiar with is cosmetic. However, there are
certain medical conditions which can improve after undergoing this procedure. Many people
who have sustained nose injuries turn to rhinoplasty to restore the function or appearance of
their nose. Additionally, people who were born with a deviated septum can find relief from
breathing difficulty by getting a nose job. Even if you’re just interested in undergoing a
rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes, you could also experience easier breathing after recovery.
Why not, right?

3. They’ve been around since the 6th century BC.

Yes, you read that right – the first recorded rhinoplasty was done ​in India during the 6th century
BC​. The sheer fact of a nose job being performed so far back in history is immensely
impressive. But that’s not all – this ancient procedure even included a skin flap, a technique that
is still used today! A piece of skin from the patient’s cheek was used in creating the new nose.
Of course, techniques and technology have vastly improved since then, but the first rhinoplasty
is still a feat to be admired.

4. The rhinoplasty procedure can be done in different ways.

There are two approaches in Rhinoplasty Surgery: internal and external. Internal rhinoplasties
are done by creating incisions inside the nostrils, and they typically are for less invasive, less
complicated adjustments to the appearance of the nose. External rhinoplasties involve an
incision on the columella, which is the piece of skin dividing your nostrils. While this is an external incision, it’s still teeny tiny – and the scar will barely be visible (if at all) due to
advancements in technique, so it’s not anything to be concerned about. Dr. Chadwell most
frequently performs external rhinoplasties; this allows him to see the underlying structure and
tailor his adjustments more precisely to give you the results you’re looking for.

5. Rhinoplasties are for everyone!

Both men and women can benefit from a rhinoplasty. Regardless of whether it’s cosmetic or
functional, anybody can achieve the nose of their dreams. Gender may play a role in how the
process is done. Men typically have more anatomically prominent noses with thicker skin,
whereas women have more delicate noses which tend to be shorter in length. But similar
techniques are used for both men and women.

If a rhinoplasty sounds like something you’re interested in, ​schedule a consultation with us​ or
give us a call anytime at (574) 280-4818. We’re excited to help you achieve the nose of your