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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, facelifts are making a comeback. While in 2015, facial cosmetic surgery experienced a dip, 2016 reported a different story. Out of close to 1.8 million recipients of cosmetic surgical procedures, 131,106 were facelifts – that’s an upswing of 4% from the previous year. And, while some may fear the downtime involved with a facelift, new innovations and techniques have evolved – the result: new options with often quicker recovery. So, if you’re looking for facial cosmetic surgery in South Bend, entreat yourself to exciting possibilities that lead to vibrant, youthful outcomes.

Your Guide to Facial Cosmetic Surgery in South Bend

facial cosmetic surgery in south bendOne of the many reasons residents of South Bend choose Chadwell Facial Plastic surgery for facial cosmetic surgery procedures is because of our expertise and diverse offering of services, including:

  • Facelift
  • Mini Facelift
  • Neck Lift
  • Eye Surgery
  • Nose Surgery
  • Corrective & Reconstructive Surgery

Let’s take a look at two popular choices of Chadwell patients who elect for cosmetic surgery in South Bend.

Traditional Facelift Versus Mini Facelift – Which Option is Right For You?

Many people are familiar with a traditional facelift associated with comprehensive surgery to address the signs of aging. A traditional facelift can significantly improve:

  • Overall signs of aging in the face and neck area
  • Skin that sags in the middle and lower portions of the face
  • Sagging, loose skin in the area of the jaw and chin creating the appearance of “jowls”
  • Fat that has been displaced in the middle and lower portions of the face

Typically, facelift recovery can take up to two weeks, depending on the individual. It may take longer (closer to a month) to fully healed. Once initial bruising and swelling have subsided, the result of a traditional facelift is a more youthful appearance and overall vibrancy that patients are pleased with.

What is a mini facelift?

Much like its predecessor, the mini facelift is effective in improving the signs of aging. The same areas of the face and neck are addressed, but a mini facelift will focus more on loose and sagging skin of the lower portions (two-thirds) of the face.

The appeal of the mini facelift is that because it’s a less-invasive process, the recovery time is minimal, particularly in comparison to a full, traditional facelift.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to proceed with Facial Cosmetic Surgery in South Bend with Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery, we’ll help you to set up a consultation. During your exam, Dr. Chadwell will go over your medical history, discuss various treatment options, and address any concerns or questions you might have.

Generally, as long as you’re in good health, don’t smoke and have realistic expectations, you’ll qualify as a recipient for a traditional facelift or mini facelift. We also have a comprehensive offering of non-surgical options including injectables, IPL treatments, chemical peels and more. Whether you’d like to discuss surgical or non-surgical services, would like to schedule a consultation, or simply have questions,  give us a call now at 574-318-3892.

Successful facial plastic surgery is ultimately achieved through good rapport with our patients.

Refining your face is a dramatic personal decision.  As you explore your options, know that the staff at Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery will guide you through your decision-making process.  To us, the cosmetic process is more than just “surgery”.  Each patient has different shapes, features, contours, and personal goals.  We consider shadowing, proportion, depth, and perspective to combine medicine with artistry and ultimately achieve your new look.

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