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Whether an individual has active acne or must deal with the scars acne leaves behind, the impact is the same: a decline to self-confidence. In an effort to treat acne and acne scarring, people often turn to acne scar treatment products. While some topical products can reduce the appearance of acne and scars, radiofrequency acne treatment may achieve better and longer-lasting results.

How Radiofrequency Acne Treatment Works to Improve Facial Skin

Active acne and types of acne scars don’t necessarily respond to the same type of treatment. And, while certain types of high-grade, topical acne products may produce positive results on mild acne, moderate-to-severe acne may not respond the same way.

Radiofrequency treatment of acne is a newer, more promising procedure that treats two types of acne and acne scarring:

  • Atrophic Acne Scarring

As the most common type of acne scarring, atrophic scars are produced by inflammatory acne. Examples of atrophic acne include boxcar, ick-pick, and rolling acne scars.

  • Hypertrophic Scars

Unlike atrophic scars that create an indention in the facial skin, hypertrophic acne scars appear raised on the surface.

How does radiofrequency work to treat acne and acne scarring? Your facial plastic surgeon will begin with a device that uses safe, targeted microneedles to deliver energy to the deep layers of your skin. Patients with acne and acne scarring have seen between a 25% to 75% clearer skin after three to four sessions of radiofrequency acne treatment.

Benefits of Fractora™

At Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jon Chadwell utilizes Fractora™ to improve his clients’ acne-related skin issues. Fractora™ is becoming increasingly popular as a highly-effective care method to address acne and treat acne scars. Perhaps the greatest selling points of Fractora™ is this treatment can be applied to virtually any skin type. Deep chemical peels, on the other hand, aren’t suitable for darker skin tones.

Consider these additional benefits of Fractora™:

  • It’s Minimally Invasive

Only topical anesthesia is required, and the procedure can take place in our office.

  • There Is Little To No Recovery Involved

Unlike chemical resurfacing, Fractora™ doesn’t require extended recovery time. Typically, makeup can be applied within a few days following a session.

  • The Results Are Rapid

Radiofrequency treatment may take three to four sessions spaced over four to six-week intervals. However, most patients see positive results after their first session.

If you’d like to learn more about radiofrequency acne treatment, one of our knowledgeable and friendly Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery team members is ready to help you schedule a consultation. Give us a call any time at (574) 280-4818.

Successful facial plastic surgery is ultimately achieved through good rapport with our patients.

Refining your face is a dramatic personal decision.  As you explore your options, know that the staff at Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery will guide you through your decision-making process.  To us, the cosmetic process is more than just “surgery”.  Each patient has different shapes, features, contours, and personal goals.  We consider shadowing, proportion, depth, and perspective to combine medicine with artistry and ultimately achieve your new look.

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