3 Keys to Great Skin Care

If a visit to our spa is not within your comfort zone during this pandemic, you can (and should!) still be caring for your skin at a spa level. We are pleased to offer advanced skin care products from SkinCeuticals that are backed by science. Stop in to the office of Dr. Chadwell to purchase these fantastic products!

In celebration of these great skin care products, we’d like to share 3 keys to great skin care:

#1: Love your skin

As the saying goes, “Love the skin you’re in.” And by this we mean show your skin some love! Appreciate all the work your largest organ does for you.

The very basics of loving your skin include:

  • cleansing daily
  • moisturizing daily
  • daily protection

We recommend cleansing your face both in the morning and in the evening. If you struggle with dry skin, stick to simply water in the mornings. But don’t ever skip your evening cleansing routine! Your skin faces way too much throughout the day to be deprived of proper care come evening.

Be sure to include a great moisturizing product in that daily cleansing routine. Even those prone to oily skin should put moisturizer to daily use. Daily cleansing without proper moisturizing could actually trigger more oil production.

Additionally, as all good skin lovers know, UV protection is essential. Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach or a sunny day. Apply sunscreen any time you leave the house for maximum protection.

#2: Consult a professional

The skin you’re in isn’t the same as mine. Each epidermis has it’s own unique needs. The best way to love your skin is to consult a professional. A professional can help you understand your skin and how to best care for it. Do you have extra dry skin? Super oily? Prone to acne and/or sunspots? Are there dark circles plaguing your eyes or deep wrinkles creasing your forehead? What does your skin need?

The best skin care products are not one-size-fits-all. Hence so many options! This is where a professional, like Dr. Chadwell, can come to your skin’s rescue. Call for a consult today!

#3: Use only the best skin care products

Now we circle back to why we’re here in the first place: skin care products! It’s a saturated market and navigating it as a consumer can be overwhelming. If you love your skin, consult a professional like Dr. Chadwell knowing that his knowledge and expertise can point you in the right direction.

SkinCeuticals is a skin care product provider that Dr. Chadwell trusts. Like Dr. Chadwell, SkinCeuticals cares about your skin’s health and it shows through their careful research and creation of high quality products. From eye complex for dark circles to vitamin-C serums and corrective creams, SkinCeutricals has anything and everything your skin needs. Meanwhile, Dr. Chadwell has answers to your many skin care questions.

Looking for more? Our Skin Care Spa is open and awaiting your arrival. Call today to set up an appointment!