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Imagine the place where you feel most comfortable. This is a place where you feel completely at ease, where your mind is peaceful, and your entire body is relaxed.

You’re probably imagining yourself on a tropical beach or at a spa; somewhere calm where you can focus on how you feel without the many distractions that come with everyday life.

Feeling comfortable and confident is important when choosing the best facial cosmetic surgeons in South Bend. That’s because when choosing cosmetic surgery you need to trust that your surgeon will guide you in the right direction.

How the Best Facial Cosmetic Surgeons Help You Maximize Results

best facial cosmetic surgeons south bendFacial plastic surgery can seem risky. We’ve all seen the photos of plastic surgery gone wrong. That’s the last thing we want to happen when we’ve spent time and money to receive plastic surgery.

Fortunately, there are ways to assess the risk factors involved in facial plastic surgery. The best facial cosmetic surgeons in South Bend are able to guide you towards the right surgery for you, that minimizes risks and maximizes results.

When discussing facial plastic surgery your surgeon should inspire confidence and leave you feeling comfortable that the results will be what you expect.

Three Traits the Best Facial Cosmetic Surgeons in South Bend Look For in Facelift Candidates

Ideal candidates for facelift surgery share certain important traits. The following is a list of factors that can affect whether or not an individual is a good candidate for facelift surgery:

Skin elasticity. A good facelift candidate will have skin that retains some of its natural elasticity. This is important because, during the procedure, the surgeon tightens the facial skin. Successful healing with optimal results depends on having skin that is able to conform to its new, improved contours.

Realistic expectations. As previously stated, it is important that those looking to get a facial lift understand the procedure and what it can do. Consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon can help a patient obtain the information needed to make the right decision about what kind of facial procedure is is right for them.

Good overall health. A good facelift candidate will be generally healthy and will inform his or her surgeon of any pre-existing medical conditions well in advance. Additionally, the best candidates are non-smokers.

These are just a few factors that play a role in candidacy for facial lifts. Everyone’s medical history is unique which is why it’s critical to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine the right facelift option for you.

To learn more about your options when it comes to facial plastic surgery, please call the office of Dr. Chadwell at 574-280-4818, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

Successful facial plastic surgery is ultimately achieved through good rapport with our patients.

Refining your face is a dramatic personal decision.  As you explore your options, know that the staff at Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery will guide you through your decision-making process.  To us, the cosmetic process is more than just “surgery”.  Each patient has different shapes, features, contours, and personal goals.  We consider shadowing, proportion, depth, and perspective to combine medicine with artistry and ultimately achieve your new look.

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